Trends in Property Management

Since project management is evolving at a faster rate each subsequent year, recognizing the trends is an important part of successful project management. Certain project management functions or tools that were followed or used in the past may or may not work as efficiently as they can today. So, what do we do, which way do [...]

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Is an IWMS in the Future for Your Company?

In real estate, mergers, acquisitions, rightsizing and re-organizations are quite common. So, how does a company take control of these actions and keep control once the proverbial dust has settled? Or, what can a company do to to help optimize the use of workplace resources, including the management of a company’s real estate portfolio, infrastructure and facilities [...]

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Winter Maintenance for Integrated Facilities Management

Unless you own a ski resort or a roof rake company, an extra stormy winter is probably bad for business. If you didn’t follow these steps last fall, use this list to fortify your severe weather planning for next season. Because paying attention to details can save you major headaches, before and after the thaw. [...]

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Commercial Roof Maintenance Program: 7 Best Practices

In and around in Massachusetts, nearly 100 building collapses have been reported since early February. Countless commercial properties—including many used for retail, education, and corporate office space—are showing dangerously cracked ceilings, under the weight of nearly a dozen pounds per cubic foot. And if messy, wet weather persists, experts say that level of pressure could [...]

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5 Ways Facility Project Management Can Improve Your Bottom Line

There are lots of reasons why today’s businesses are making the move to outsource facility management services… and they all lead back to cost savings. For example, when ADP transitioned from an in-house FM team to a consolidated, outsourced program, they cut facility management expenses by 7 percent, over two and a half years. Here’s [...]

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Hiring Project Management Firms: 5 Red Flags to Avoid

Today’s project management firms follow industry best practices, more or less. But that doesn’t mean all PM service levels are the same. In fact, there’s a pretty wide gamut between successful delivery and major disappointment. Meanwhile, it’s tough to judge PM quality, commitment, and integrity based on a firm’s website alone… At Precision, we’ve partnered [...]

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Budgeting Tips for Your Corporate Relocation Project

Some companies underestimate the investment that’s required to move a business from Point A to Point B. Even when you’re relocating within the same office park or the same building, your budget will need to account for much more than just physical moving services. Here are five tips to help keep your corporate relocation project [...]

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America’s Top 5 Relocation Stories

Every month we dig into a project management-related “Top 5” list. This issue, it’s all about company moves—including where, why, and how major brands are pulling up roots. And in fact, there’s no shortage of big-name relocation stories to cover. The decision to move a company is never easy. Countless factors—including operational expenses, market factors, [...]

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Top 5 Questions to Ask at Commercial Lease Renewal Time

1. Can we renew early? Commercial lease renewal negotiations should begin at least 12 months before the term expires (earlier for larger businesses). By starting early, you can evaluate the market, present a plausible interest in relocation, and walk away from a first offer if necessary. Negotiating early will allow you to take advantage of [...]

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I Hired a Project Manager. What’s Next?

5 Key Responsibilities of a Project Manager   For project owners or tenants that are facing a construction or other facilities project, a project manager (or owner’s representative) can provide vital experience and focus to help save time and money – while ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.  A PM can be a [...]

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