Winter Maintenance for Integrated Facilities Management

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Unless you own a ski resort or a roof rake company, an extra stormy winter is probably bad for business. If you didn’t follow these steps last fall, use this list to fortify your severe weather planning for next season. Because paying attention to details can save you major headaches, before and after the thaw. [...]

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program: 7 Best Practices

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In and around in Massachusetts, nearly 100 building collapses have been reported since early February. Countless commercial properties—including many used for retail, education, and corporate office space—are showing dangerously cracked ceilings, under the weight of nearly a dozen pounds per cubic foot. And if messy, wet weather persists, experts say that level of pressure could [...]

5 Ways Facility Project Management Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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There are lots of reasons why today’s businesses are making the move to outsource facility management services… and they all lead back to cost savings. For example, when ADP transitioned from an in-house FM team to a consolidated, outsourced program, they cut facility management expenses by 7 percent, over two and a half years. Here’s [...]