Fall is good time for a few facility updates, before the long winter sets in. Consider these top facility improvements:


1.      Paint Touch Ups
2.      Boiler and Furnace Projects
3.      Lighting Improvements
4.      Window Replacements/Repairs
5.      Plan for Capital and Facility Improvements

1. Paint Touch Ups If your business is considering updates or renovations that include a fresh coat of paint, this fall just may be the right time. You can brighten up the walls just as the days get shorter, and it’s still warm enough outside to throw open the windows and ventilate the area.

2. Boiler and Furnace Projects Mid-winter is not the time to find out that your building needs a new furnace, or major repairs. If this project has been lingering on your to-do list (or the building owner’s list), this fall is an ideal time to push this one through.

3. Lighting Improvements Thinking of upgrading to more energy efficient lighting, or redesigning your space to improve task lighting or add decorative pendants? Do it now so you and your staff can enjoy the improved environment (and cost savings) all winter long.

4. Window Replacements/Repairs Most of us have had that window seat before. The one with the cold draft that just won’t quit, and that leaves us huddled at our desk, trying to type with gloves on from December through April. If you’re thinking of investing in window repairs or replacement, do it now and prevent the relentless requests for space heaters that always seem to flood the office supply orders mid-winter.

5. Plan for Capital Improvements and Facilities Projects This is likely a standard part of your early fall schedule, but we couldn’t let it go unsaid. As you begin to plan for next year’s major facilities projects and investments, consider how a project management team could help streamline your company’s major facilities projects – and make a big difference with project costs, schedule and quality.