Interior Office Design Tips From Home Improvement Shows

We’ve all seen the home improvement shows on HGTV, where the host raids a family’s basement for unique decorative finds, updates their interiors with some new paint and a few trendy boutique purchases, and reveals a stunning new space – all within 30 minutes. It’s entertaining, but not exactly relevant for commercial office space, right?

Believe it or not, there are a few key tips to be gleaned from popular home improvement shows that can apply to your next office fit-out or TI effort. 

1. Consider alternative materials

Although that travertine floor or granite countertop may be tempting, there are alternative and creative finish materials that can offer similar aesthetics (and substantial durability) for a much more effective cost. Some options to consider: plywood floors or cabinets; and concrete or butcher block counters.

2Salvage or reuse

Architectural salvage shops are just one resource for obtaining finish materials that can contribute unique (and green!) details to your office design. Picture a sliding barn door as the entrance to your conference room, or antique tin ceiling tiles lining your office kitchen backsplash. Ebay and Craig’s List are two other possible sources for interesting and budget-friendly finds. 

3. Investigate lesser known brand names and sources

While Kohler may be the premium in faucets, there are a lot of other, lesser-known brands that offer similarly attractive designs and durability for less. And now that better valves and tougher finishes are common on all but the cheapest faucets, there’s no reason to hesitate trying out something different. While searching for just the right fixture may be a bit more time consuming with this approach, the cost savings may be worth it.

4. Be selective

This one is a time-honored mantra of interior design. Choose a few “keynote” pieces that will create the look you desire, and let the rest of the finishes fall to the background visually. You will end up with a more streamlined, concise expression that still creates the aesthetic you had in mind – but for a lot less. 

5. Use paint and accent lighting to brighten up a space

No budget for replacing windows or adding more natural light? No problem. Turn to a book of paint swatches for a bright, light or bold hue to create drama or lighten a dark corner. Paired with a decorative accent light or two, and you can quickly and easily create a feeling of more light – even during the darkest days of winter.

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